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"Throw Caution to the Wind" & "Watercolors and Ink"

June 30th, 2015 at White Duck Taqueria, Charleston, SC

with Dr. Bobbie Lyon, College of Charleston Oceanography Professor & Bowdoin College, Coastal Studies Scholar AND Brienne Oliver, local artist and art teacher

Throw caution to the wind...learn why we can count on a low hurricane season this year. Then combine pen&ink with watercolor to express nature's amazing forces and your burgeoning meteorology skills. All while enjoying yummy tacos, drinks, and inspiring discussions. Find the Art in Science Workshops….Tuesdays in June - fun, relaxed evenings learning, creating and socializing. Cultivate: Scientists and Artists collaborating together: WE provide the intellectual and artistic materials YOU create the art YOU discuss the science YOU learn new things and make new friends

This Tuesday's event focused on meteorologists' assurance of a low hurricane season in 2015! We cultured amateur meteorologists and artists as we discussed atmospheric pressure systems and how heating and cooling of our oceans maintain global weather patterns. Participants were introduced to pen & ink techniques to manipulate lightness and darkness, referred to by artists as value; the changes in line spacing reminded some scientists of contour lines on weather maps indicating intensities of storms. “Caution was thrown to the wind” as participants learned about hurricane development and how El Nino weather patterns this year should lead to a low hurricane season in the North Atlantic. Fun times and beautiful images were created by all.

Check out our event and art pics!

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