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2020 season is here!
Experiment with Cultivate. New venues. New nights. New Science + Art Mashups.
Soil Saviors - Using Plants to Pull Pollutants Out of Our Land & Painting on Water
Signals From Songbirds & Abstract Soundscapes
Transmitting Touch: New Frontiers of Haptic Holograms and Tactile Techno-Love & Textures and Temperatures through Encaustic Art
Diving into Diversity through Specimens in Fish Collections & Fish Pop Prints
The Resilience of Coastal Communities: Preserving Culture, Environment, and Craft & Natural Fiber Micro-Tapestries
Neurodiversity and Recovery Following Traumatic Nerve Injury & Tie-Dye Mosaics
Finding Color in Dark Places: Deep-Sea Corals & Stained Glass Seascapes
Stay tuned for more!

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