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SCIENCE ART 2019 Workshop Series


Bowties JI Speakeasy

(formerly How Art Thou Cafe)

1956 Maybank Hwy (next to the Terrace Theatre)

Something Different for Happy Hour...
Enjoy a little science presentation, art creation, and conversation.
Great food and happy hour specials including half price bottles of wine.
$15 - Learn, Create & take home original Art. 

Free for students. Educator discount.

No experience needed!

This is meant to be a fun, informal, community event for adults & youths.

Upcoming Science Art Nights:
Poop-Op #1 City #2 Problems with Cheryl Carmack, Charleston Waterkeeper and Optical Art with Marielena Martinez, Cultivate SciArt artist

Like water, optical art is composed of geometric shapes and patterns that can create pleasing illusions on the surface.  Cheryl Carmack is an environmental scientist with Charleston Waterkeeper who studies contaminants that might lurk beneath the surface.  Cheryl has helped lead the development of Charleston Waterkeeper's water quality monitoring program since 2012.  Want to know more about water quality data for the local creeks and rivers we like to fish and swim in?  Join us for a fun evening learning about Charleston waterways, creating your own "op" art, and even sign-up for weekly water quality data and/or clean-up opportunities with Charleston Waterkeeper.

Drop-ins Welcome, but RSVP appreciated.

Microbiomes with Dr. Moshe Rhodes, College of Charleton microbiologist and Watercolor Haikus with Marielena Martinez, Cultivate SciArt artist

Microbes are everywhere!  While some bacteria can cause infections, the vast majority are providing beneficial roles recycling nutrients in our environment and inside ourselves.  Dr. Moshe Rhodes, a microbiology professor at the College of Charleston, studies the human microbiome, microbes that live in extreme environments, and ones that might even live outside our planet.  Join us for a fun evening learning about the human microbiome while creating playful bacteria inspired haikus.  Then add abstract watercolors, that, like microbes, provide a dynamic background for things to live on. 

Drop-ins Welcome, but RSVP appreciated.

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