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Dinosaurs Can Be Beautiful Too & Wire Taxidermy Sculptures

April 26th, 2016 at How Art Thou Cafe, Charleston, SC

Presented by:

Dr. Phil Manning, Professor of Geology, and previous Director and Curator of the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History Alison Brynn Ross, local artist, and graphic designer

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Participants of this Cultivate event put their needle-nose pliers to good use to create wire taxidermy sculptures with the help of Charleston, SC native, and artist, Alison Ross. Stunning sculptures of unicorns, crabs, and dinosaurs were prompted by the adjoining science presentation by Dr. Phil Manning, a College of Charleston professor and the Director and Curator of the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History. Dr. Manning discussed the skeletal structures of dinosaurs and the morphology of ancient life-forms found as fossilized remains. He focused on terms that related to both art and dinosaurs, discussing symmetry or the lack thereof in many lifeforms such as the asymmetric claws of male fiddler crabs. Novice artists and scientists had a blast learning about the giants of the past.

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Want to learn more about these magnificent giants that once roamed this Earth? Visit the College of Charleston's Mace Brown Museum of Natural History. This paleontology (the study of fossils) museum holds almost 1,000 fossils! There are tons of different displays showing dinosaur bones and Carolina's Pleistocene mammals.


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