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"Amazing Waters! - Science & Art walk into a taqueria..." & "Watercolors and Oils"

June 16th, 2015 at White Duck Taqueria, Charleston, SC

with Dr. Bobbie Lyon, College of Charleston Oceanography Professor & Bowdoin College, Coastal Studies Scholar AND Brienne Oliver, local artist and art teacher

Cultivate Art + Science workshops debut Tuesdays in June 2015. These fun, relaxed evenings learning, creating and socializing bring a new form of entertainment to Charleston. Tuesday, June 16th learn how the earth “sweats” and other cool ways our oceans moderate climate. And get your creative juices flowing at the same time! Cultivate - Scientists and Artists collaborating together:

WE provide the intellectual and artistic materials

YOU create the art

YOU discuss the science

YOU learn new things and make new friends

Did you know that the Earth can "sweat" to help regulate climate? Our planet is 71% water, making the liquid a universal solvent of Earth! Water is universal due to its molecular make-up as it is the only molecule able to exist in all three physical states (solid, liquid, and gas). Water bodies are able to absorb atmospheric heat and lose heat by evaporation (latent heat release) or “sweating”. This in turn affects regional climate. Water creates droplets, storms, waves, and intricate landscapes through the process of weathering. Participants were able to see the amazing power of water themselves through watercolor techniques taught by local artist Brienne Oliver. Oil pastels provided a resist to overlayed watercolors and salts absorbed the waters and gave brilliant speckled effects to the art.

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