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Cultivate SciArt 2024 - Happy hours are here again!

In-Person or Live-Stream with us.

Something different for Happy Hour...Science + Art 

Enjoy a short science presentation, art creation, and conversation.

These are meant to be fun, informal, community events for adults & youths.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  Advanced registration appreciated.

2024 Abstract AGEs PR image 940x788.jpg


Maybank Public House

1970 Maybank Hwy  •  Charleston, SC  •  Free parking

Get ready for a fascinating CULTIVATE event to bring back our Science + Art Happy Hour series!  Learn about A.G.E.s – no, NOT years, rather advanced glycation end products (AGEs) – how they affect us and what habits we may want to change.  Local journalist Tony Bartelme explained in his feature article on Dr. David Turner’s research that “How We Cook Our Foods Is Killing Us.”  Turner, who recently moved from Charleston to become Vice Chair of Research at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center, will explain how AGEs react inside our cells and why we should be concerned about them. With his great graphics and British wit, Dr. Turner will help break down this very complex issue and the accumulating evidence on their role in chronic diseases and poor health outcomes.  They are in our bodies and abound in ultra-processed foods. What effects are they having?  What can we do?  Unpack all of this with our amazing teaching artist Marielena Martinez, MFA, and her introduction to Piet Mondrian, a 20th century Dutch painter and art theoretician. Mondrian transcribed the balance he saw in the world into abstract images. Through the combination of lines and blocks of color he sought to create a “universal beauty” and his iconic patterns now infuse across architecture and fashion.  We will likewise create our own intriguing pieces of art and share how this information makes us feel!  


In-person space is limited, so we encourage advanced registration and appreciate updates if plans change. Drop-ins are always welcome. If you have not already gotten your 2023-2024 Cultivate Community Card, use the link in tickets to do so. All participants must complete annually prior to attending Cultivate SciArt events. 


We are excited to also be live-streaming this event! Though we can’t provide the same experience, we will email an art supply list with items most may have on hand, along with the live-stream link. 

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  $15 in-person general admission, $10 for educators, FREE for students or to live-stream. Maybank Public House will be donating 10% of the evening’s sales to support more  Cultivate Community Science + Art.  Arrive a little early to enjoy their Happy Hour drink specials, extending an extra hour for Cultivate participants, 4-7pm.

Do you work within the food industry?  Would you like to be part of a collaborative discussion on how food systems can help solve chronic health diseases within our community through A.G.E. awareness?

We will be hosting a breakfast following the event, Wednesday January 31st, 9-10am at Ripple, a Charleston non-profit incubator site.  Please send an email to if you are interested in joining.  Dr. Dave Turner, who is also President of the Anti-AGEs Foundationwill be there along with food industry leaders to discuss ways we can use this new scientific knowledge to improve our health through access to better food, and information about our food.  Charleston has amazing leaders reimagining equitable, healthy food systems.  We look forward to integrating AGEs into the discussions to see what new ideas and collaborations may evolve!  

Eat, Learn Create & Take Home Original Art.



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