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"Attacking Climate Change with a Paint Brush!" & "Watercolors"

June 23rd, 2015 at White Duck Taqueria, Charleston, SC

with Dr. Bobbie Lyon, College of Charleston Oceanography Professor & Bowdoin College, Coastal Studies Scholar AND Brienne Oliver, local artist and art teacher

Amazing Water! – learn about the "Great Ocean Conveyor Belt" and what it means to you. And have some fun with watercolor painting techniques over tacos, drinks, and inspiring discussion. Find the Art in Science Workshops….Tuesdays in June - fun, relaxed evenings learning, creating and socializing. Cultivate: Scientists and Artists collaborating together: WE provide the intellectual and artistic materials YOU create the art YOU discuss the science YOU learn new things and make new friends

On Tuesday, June 23rd, participants stroked the concepts behind climate with a paint brush. They learned how temperature and salinity fuel the “great ocean conveyor belt," also known as thermohaline circulation. This global ocean circulation system warms and cools our oceans and interacts with our atmosphere and climate. Density differences driven by temperature and salinity cause water to descend when cold and salty or rise when warm or less salty. The change in ocean temperatures helps drive the water cycle, the winds, and regional climate. Everyone had fun using watercolor paints and mineral additives to create awesome works of art illustrating abstract and realist concepts of circulating currents, storms, and heat maps.

Check out some of our event and art pics!

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