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Get Your Cultivate SciArt Community Card

We ask all Cultivate SciArt participants to complete the below community card form each year.  Full names or personally identifiable information are never shared without permission.  All guests must complete this waiver and release prior to attending in-person or virtual events. If you are under 18, please have your guardian sign your waiver and release.  

We appreciate your responses!  They help us learn about our community and recruit funding for more public science and art workshops.

If emailing, please include name and/or date of event, photo of your art, or brief description, or tag one of our photos of your art in our logbook google photo albums or facebook.

We are excited to share all the wonderful event photos and videos!

We've been hard at work stepping up our game to use event photos, videos, slides and recaps to help cultivate more community science + art.  We will be sharing these as part of an online "logbook" that can serve as a resource for you, educators, interested citizens and scientists and artists to replicate the fun we had in other locations.  We hope these logs will serve as a rich community resource and place for conversation on the topics.  They will also help us secure funding to better support community science + art far and wide. 

We hope you will join our logbook conversations and enjoy! 

FYI, we will be playing catch-up on past events over the next several months. Don't see your event yet?  Become a member and be notified when new logbook entries are posted.


To cover our bases, we will be making signature of the below waiver mandatory at all future events.  We will have an area for shy people to avoid the cameras, but we hope you understand we do not have the infrastructure to individually edit people out of event footage.  

We will leave it to you to tag and comment on the photos you like.  We take great care to post nice pictures of everyone.  If there is one you particularly dislike, you can always reach out privately.  Thank you for your understanding.

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